Fitness Motivation for the Soul – Part 2



I gave you the first part on how to crank up your fitness inspiration, and cheers to the second part of these exciting tips. What folks get into their bodies is so important that I can’t emphasize, I think we could classify consumers into two broad families: Those who know(have a lot of knowledge) and those who don’t know/or have little knowledge. Its all about applying the knowledge that you have received. Zeludok

 I don’t want you to just read these pointers and then leave them for the dead. No! let this words change your life, live this words, then you would have done yourself a favor. If you never intend to put these words to test, then don’t even bother reading dear sister/brother. I love you, but I can’t facilitate irresponsibility. Anyway, here we go again. Tcnine If you are going to have an apple/celery stick and yogurt as snack. Add some walnuts, hazelnuts or flax seeds into the whole picture. It helps in keeping you satisfied and it helps in extracting the nutrients from the fruits. Wyldlabs

Please do not use bottled dressing on your salads, instead use extra virgin oil and fresh lemon juice. Bottled dressing has more chemicals than your local dry cleaners. Tiffanysfashionweekparis

Keep a fresh supply of natural nuts in your freezer (unsalted), for fatty acids and their slimming effect. Rhinowebfx Choose old fashioned oat meal instead of instant oat meal, the latter is highly processed. Eric Oder is fitness professional in New York City where he specializes in fitness inspiration, fitness motivation as well as designing powerful fitness programs. Oldmoviesnostalgia


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